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Welcome to KnowledgeRiver's Virtual Machine (KRVM)

This demo machine gives you a look & feel of the free downloadable KRVM (KnowledgeRiver’s Virtual Machine) > link.
It's addressing following points from the Data Center Optimization Cycle:

  • Data Collection: The DC360Octopus configuration collection utility > link is used, and
  • Recommendation: Here an example report as it will be delivered as service work result,
while the below listed tools are already included in the KRVM download version.


1. Data Collection

Appropriate data is collected by you with the help of our utilities.


2. Analysis

Provided data is analyzed by us with our own specialized software.


4. Implementation

Based on our work result you can start implementing the changes.

3. Recommendation

The work result is provided as detailed report, all findings are prioritized.



Environment Outage Risk and Reliability Statistics

link - Display all reports ('Available Support Package Recommendation')

Outage Risk Reliability
For the  Outage Risk  all failed and warning checks of the DC360 report are combined to estimate the risk.
It is highly recommended to keep the outage risk factor of an environment below 1%.
For the  Reliability  all failed and warning checks of the DC360 report are combined to estimate the reliability.
It is highly recommended to keep the reliability of an environment above 99%.

The KRVM provides...

Link Utility Name Provided by Description
link CACTI Cacti Project Network performance graphing solution.
link vsftpd Chris Evans vsftpd is a FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux. VSFTPD stands for Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Deamon.
link iTop Combodo Data center inventory, incident, problem, change, service catalogue and license management utility.
link DC360Octopus KnowledgeRiver Storage subsystem, SAN and server configuration collection utility.
link KnowledgeRiverBase KnowledgeRiver Contains documentations, downloads, presentations and technical information.
link Net-SNMP Net-SNMP Organisation Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) message catcher.
link openDCIM openDCIM Foundation Software for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).
link syslog-ng Syslog-ng Organisation The syslog-ng OSE application is a flexible and highly scalable system logging application.
link NTP Ubuntu Project NTP (Network Time Protocol) time synchronization server.
link STOR2RRD XORUX Storage subsystem and SAN performance collection utility.
link LPAR2RRD XORUX IBM Power Systems and VMware performance collection utility.
... to you free of charge. Donations to the OpenSource community are always welcome in any case. XORUX,,, and provide additional services for their products. DC360Octopus is used for additional services with KnowledgeRiver.
KnowledgeRiver provides analysis services for all data collected with KRVM.

Important documentations

Please refer to following documentations:
How to use the DC360Octopus utility
How to open Service Requests

General process flow

Following picture gives you an overview of the Data Center 360° (DC360) services process:

Process Flow

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